Wooden Trash Bin

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Wooden Trash Bin

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This wooden trash bin makes an elegant addition to any office, bathroom, or home space. Made from exotic Ziricote wood, its striking aesthetic adds a sense of luxury and style to a traditionally neglected furniture item. Our wooden waste bin would make a thoughtful interior design choice or gift for a friend.

All our items are hand-crafted by artisans based in the Petén region, and this Ziricote waste bin is no exception. In purchasing a thoughtful, elegant item like this one, you are helping to support the artisans who lovingly created it, while adding a sense of warmth and texture to your office interior.

Details and specifications: 

  • Sustainably harvested wood
  • Handmade in Peten, Guatemala

Itza Wood office and bathroom items are each hand-crafted with care and precision by artisans in the Peten region of Guatemala, where we fund a variety of social initiatives to help boost the local economy and provide a better future for local families and artisans.

To find out more about our involvement in social initiatives, reforestation projects, and the local Jungle school, which helps drive education for young people in the Petén region, visit our ‘About us’ page. 

To hear about our wood manufacturing process, click here to see how our local carpenters select, treat, and hand-finish Central America’s finest exotic woods to create our products and collections.