Exotic woodware for the bathroom 

A supplier to exclusive global consumers, wholesalers and design studios, Itza Wood is committed to creating products of lasting quality and style.

Our wooden bathroom accessories help infuse your bathroom with organic forms, nature-inspired designs and a sense of unity and harmony.


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Why sacrifice style for practicality? Each of our products are made from the finest materials, with subtle lines and touching details that elevate them beyond ordinary day-to-day items. Itza Wood products are lovingly hand-crafted by local artisans, and made from exotic woods from the Petén jungle in Guatemala. Indulge in a wood bathroom accessory that will truly elevate your quality of life and interior spaces! Each of our decorative items, homeware, bathroom, and office accessories are crafted to highlight the spectacular beauty of the wood they were made from. We use exotic, sustainably sourced woods such as Teak, Granadillo, Chechen, Melina, Jobillo, Mahogany, Pixi, and Ziricote, to ensure that all our woodware items deliver the finest finish.