About Us

From the Guatemalan jungle to your doorstep

Itza Wood provides handcrafted furnishings and woodware to the conscious consumer, global wholesalers, and design studios.

Our woodwares are hand-crafted from sustainable and locally-sourced wood, ensuring each product is not only a unique work of art but a true expression of the beauty and biodiversity of the Guatemalan jungle.

Our mission:

A deep commitment to social impact & sustainability

At Itza Wood, our mission is to break the cycle of poverty in the Peten region of Guatemala. By providing education and employment opportunities to local residents, we celebrate the traditions of Peten while creating a better future for its people.

Our origins:

“Before touching a single tree, our reforestation project had planted 45,000 trees in the heart of the Peten jungle. This is our way of deepening our commitment to nature’s most beautiful treasures” - Eliza Babarczy, Founder

Itza Wood was founded in the Peten Jungle - the largest remaining tropical forest of Central America.

Our story is closely entwined with our social efforts and initiatives: preserving the beauty of the Peten while empowering the Guatemalan people. All Itza Wood creations are sourced exclusively from the Petén jungle, while our growing contributions to the local Jungle School help drive education for young people in the region.

Sourcing from Itza Wood goes beyond aesthetics.

Our clients choose Itza Wood for the unique beauty of our designs, as well as the privilege of contributing to a more sustainable future. We closely observe the following values, which have grown inseparable from our brand:

Beautiful products from the heart of the Guatemalan jungle
Our products are centered around the natural beauty of the Guatemalan woods and the simplicity of life in the jungle. Tropical woods are enduring and will last a lifetime - we aim for each piece to transmit this quality.

Fine craftsmanship by the people of Peten
We put people and our planet first, providing craftsmen with favorable work environments and wages. If you’d like to find out more about our wood manufacturing process, click here.



Investment in the local community through employment and education.
Every Itza Wood piece is crafted and sold with the intention of creating further jobs and education in Guatemala. We believe in the impact of employment within local communities, and the power of education in furthering lives.

Jungle School in Petén, Guatemala


Sustainable production

We actively reforest and purchase FSC certified woods. We are keen contributors to the replenishment of the Peten forest.


Reforestation in Petén, Guatemala

The Guatemalan jungle, in your hands