3 Tier Hanging basket
3 Tier Hanging basket

Itza Wood

3 Tier Hanging basket

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A twist on a classic piece, this three-tier hanging basket adds an old-world charm to any part of your home. Handmade using five different vines, roots and grasses from the Petén jungle, this set of baskets can be used to keep a myriad of items on display including fruits, vegetables, your favourite plants, or even potpourri. Hang it in your kitchen, bathroom, craft studio, or pergola and mesmerize your guests with its rustic fibers and whispers of nostalgia. 

Details and Specifications

  • Size: 12"dia, 10" dia, 8"dia
  • Made of Bayal, Mimbre, Enea and Mahagua
  • Susatianably harvested and handmade in Peten, Guatemala

Founded in the largest remaining tropical forest of Central America, at Itza Wood we work conscientiously with the nature that surrounds us. From our traditional array of gorgeous, exotic woods, we bring you our most recent collection of FIBRAS, created with vines, roots, and barks.

Curiosity paired with possibility drew us back into the jungle to create this collection. When the world shut down in 2020 we trekked into our backyard with machetes, rubber boots, and a group of women eager to learn. We had been searching for a way to connect more women in our rural communities with opportunities and FIBRAS gave us the answer. This collection embodies their will and their courageous spirit. 

We are proud to see a new group of 20 women form to craft jungle fibers. Their dedication inspires us; we are friends, collaborators and community. With countless hours, research and experimentation, the FIBRAS collection took form, remaining true to our values of craftsmanship, community first and sustainable production. Join us in this journey of true and honest change.