11" Wooden Plate
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11" Wooden Plate
11" Wooden Plate

Itza Wood

11" Wooden Plate

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This beautiful wooden plate is a practical must-have for any kitchen or dining space, without compromising on style. Use it daily to serve snacks, coffee, and beverages, or place it on your shelves alongside candles, flowers, and books to beautify your interior spaces. Handmade by the skilled hands of our Guatemalan artisans who have truly mastered the art of woodworking!


Our 11’’ plate will bring a hint of nature to your interiors. Our artisans use various tropical woods like Jobillo, Teak, and Granadillo to create kitchen and dining pieces to suit a variety of occasions such as family dinners and gatherings with friends. Our wooden plates are durable enough to use daily, uplifting your kitchen and dining activities.  


To complete your dining setup, we have also created accompanying plates in 8”.


Details & Specifications

  • Sustainably harvested Jobillo, Granadillo or Teak
  • 11" diameter (28 cm)
  • Food safe beeswax finish
  • Hand wash with mild soap, dry promptly
  • Condition with any food safe oil in your kitchen
  • Handmade in Peten, Guatemala


Itza Wood home accessories are carefully hand-worked by artisans living in the Petén region of Guatemala, home to the largest tropical forest in Central America. We work hard to support the protection of these stunning tropical forests, practicing sustainable wood harvest and replenishing the forest with new trees. You can read about our commitment to protect nature on this page. 


We also support Petén and its community of artisans by securing employment and guaranteeing the financial well-being of our artisans and their families. Our initiatives also create educational opportunities for the greater community of Petén. Read more about our efforts on our About Us page.