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Wooden vase for flowers

Itza Wood

Wooden vase for flowers

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This enticing set of vases readily brings life to any surface or shelf. Each wood flower vase from this set brings warmth and texture with its bright wood color in Teak and Mahogany, and infusese stillness and peace into your room with the subtle Melina. Pair them with a bouquet of fresh flowers and these vases will bring the magic of the jungle to your interior spaces!

This stylish set of vases is a suitable purchase for yourself or as an authentic gift for someone near and dear to you. Each piece is hand-finished with beautiful timber from the tropical forests of Guatemala. The wood is sustainably sourced, so you are buying organic products that are conscious of the environment. 

Detail and Specifications:

  • Teak, Mahogany or Melina wood sourced from the Petén jungle
  • Not watertight, we recommend using a glass insert for fresh flowers
  • Large: 4” dia x 9” h (10 x 23 cm)
  • Small: 4” dia x 6”h (10 x 15 cm)
  • Sustainably harvested wood
  • Handmade in Peten, Guatemala

Itza Wood’s home decoration collection is made by the brilliant hands of Guatemalan artisans based in the Petén region of the country, where we help to preserve the largest remaining tropical forest in Central America. 

With our work, we also empower the Petén region in Guatemala by securing job growth and educational opportunities for the local communities there. In buying from our home decor collection, you are helping to support the financial well-being of our talented artisans who have mastered the art of woodworking.