Round wooden platter
exotic wood round platter
Round wooden platter
Round wooden platter

Itza Wood

Round wooden platter

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This stylish round wooden platter is both decorative and multi-functional - perfect for dinner parties, small gatherings, or mealtimes with family at home.

Take delight in its versatile nature: it can be used as a charger plate when paired with smaller dishes and cutlery, as a serving tray, or even as a decorative item to display candles, flowers, or snacks. Hand-crafted in exotic, sustainably sourced woods from the Petén jungle, the tropical wood each platter is made from brings with it a vibrance and character that is sure to draw admiring comments from house guests and loved ones.  

The wooden plate's smooth edges and shallow depth make it a practical yet elegant choice for serving afternoon snacks in the garden. Save this piece for your most cherished moments, or use daily to liven up your kitchen and dining experiences. 

Available in Jobillo, Granadillo, or Teak wood:

  • Teak wood - Highly concentrated in natural oils and fibers and with a life expectancy of around 75 years, Teak wood is known for its quality and durability. Wooden items made from Teak are known to last for many years, some are even passed down from generation to generation!
  • Granadillo wood - Granadillo is often likened to Rosewood for its reddish-brown color and unmistakable stripes. It makes a beautiful choice for decorative and display items.
  • Jobillo wood - Jobillo is sometimes referred to as ‘Tigerwood’, due to its highly unusual grain. It is a highly durable and exotic wood, with deep-red and orange stripes that add an attractive touch of color to any kitchen item.

    Details and specifications: 

    • Jobillo / Granadillo / Teak wood sourced from the Petén jungle
    • Dimensions: 12”d
    • Sustainably harvested wood Handmade in Peten, Guatemala

    Itza Wood kitchen items are all handmade in the Peten region of Guatemala, where we fund various social initiatives to drive the local economy and provide a better future for local families and artisans.

    Find out more about our involvement in social initiatives, sustainable production, reforestation projects, and the local Jungle school - which drives education for young people in the Petén region.

    Learn more about our wood manufacturing process and see how our local carpenters adapt and design Central America’s finest exotic woods to create our products and collections.