Looking for wholesale wooden cooking utensils?

Wholesale wooden cooking utensils

Itza Wood’s wooden spoons, spatulas, and servers are perfect for gourmet cuisine lovers and foodies. Beyond the preparation and serving of food, our wooden cooking spoons and scoops are keen participants in your precious everyday moments: preparing and serving lemonade, pouring out coffee in the mornings, and scooping up spices and seasoning. Beyond being a known preference amongst foodies for the preparation of aromatic meals, wooden cooking utensils carry a unique organic aesthetic which enhances the cooking experience of any home.

Exotic Woods from the Petén Jungle

Itza Wood kitchen utensils and spoons are all made from exotic woods from the Petén Jungle, the largest remaining tropical forest of Central America. Our cooking utensils are made in varying lengths and shapes, with natural differences in color and grain owing to the hand-finished nature of each item. The exotic woods used for our cooking spoons and utensils vary between Ziricote, Jobillo, and Granadillo.

Hand-crafted by artisans in Guatemala

Itza Wood pieces are each hand-crafted and hand-finished by our local artisans in the Petén region of Guatemala. Our skilled carvers use non-toxic, environmentally-friendly wood treatments to produce pieces that have become renowned for their fresh aesthetic and functional design. We are proud contributors to Petén’s local economy - with every purchase, our clients are invited to join us as we empower Guatemalan education and employment, while helping to preserve the beauty of the Petén region. If you would like to read more about how our team delivers Itza Wood products from start to finish, please visit the ‘Our Process’ page for further details. At Itza Wood, every step in the wood manufacturing process is crucial, both in growing the local economy in Guatemala and helping to preserve our planet.

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