Wooden Cotton Holder With Lid
cotton holder
cotton bin holder
Wooden Cotton Holder With Lid
Wooden Cotton Holder With Lid
Wooden Cotton Holder With Lid

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Wooden Cotton Holder With Lid

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A stylish addition to our wood bathroom accessories, this cotton bin makes a great impression, with its luxe finish and organic look.

Utilizing a wooden holder to store your cotton pads adds comfort and homeliness to any bathroom while offering a greater sense of style and calm. This item is simple and minimalist, helping you accessorize your bathroom without the sense of clutter and chaos that traditionally accompanies living spaces. 

Add a discrete, modern design to your bathroom aesthetic with this wooden cotton bin - designed to highlight the natural beauty of the exotics woods it was made from. This item is perfect for design-conscious individuals who appreciate small touches of magic in their homes.

This wooden cotton bin is available in Ziricote, Teak, Granadillo, or Jobillo wood.

  • Teak wood - Teak wood is famous for its quality and durability, with a life expectancy of up to 75 years. 
  • Granadillo wood - Granadillo is known for its reddish-brown color and distinctive stripes - it makes a beautiful choice for decorative items such as this wooden soap dish.
  • Jobillo wood - Jobillo is sometimes referred to as ‘Tigerwood’, due to its highly unusual grain. It is a highly durable and exotic wood, with deep-red and orange stripes that are sure to add a striking sense of color to your bathroom or sink.
  • Ziricote wood - This exotic wood is native to the countries of Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico, with warm caramel hues and a rich wooden texture.

Details and specifications: 

  • Jobillo / Granadillo / Teak wood sourced from the Petén jungle
  • Dimensions: 3”sq x 5”h
  • Sustainably harvested wood Handmade in Peten, Guatemala

Itza Wood bathroom items are carefully hand-crafted by Guatemalan artisans. As a company, we fund a variety of social initiatives, helping to boost the local economy and contribute towards building a better future for local families.

Find out more about our involvement in local social initiatives, reforestation projects, and in the local Jungle school based in Petén on our ‘About us’ page. 

Read about our wood manufacturing and design process, and see how our local artisans handcraft Central America’s finest woods to create our collections.