Handmade Wooden Salad Servers
exotic wood salad servers
Handmade Wooden Salad Servers

Itza Wood

Handmade Wooden Salad Servers

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Itza Wood presents this fresh kitchenware collection of handmade wooden salad servers, completely handcrafted by Guatemalan artisans that master the art of carving utensils. These hand finished wooden salad servers present themselves in a complete set which includes a spoon and a fork, Given the endurance of the wood, they come in handy not only as great salad servers, but for different side dishes as well. Being easily maneuverable when you cook, serve or prepare buffet froid starters or appetizers. The salad servers are available in two sizes -medium and large-. They are so elegant, you can even display them as home decor items.

Details and Specifications:

  • Ziricote or Jobillo wood
  • Medium: 12”
  • Large: 15”
  • Finished in non-toxic, food-safe beeswax derived from local bees 
  • Handwash with mild soap, dry promptly 
  • Sustainably harvested, FSC certified wood
  • Handmade in Peten, Guatemala
We work to empower the Petén area with economic opportunities, and also with educational opportunities across the community. To see all activities Itza Wood is engaged in Petén, Guatemala, please see our ‘About Us’ page for more details. To learn how we ensure that our pieces come from sustainable sources and are friendly to the environment, please click here.