Lazy Susan
Lazy Susan
Lazy Susan
Lazy Susan

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Lazy Susan

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This immaculately crafted Lazy Susan turntable is the perfect addition to your main dining table during mealtimes, especially when hosting for families and friends. Its circular appearance and ease of use will help all your guests to fully sample your meals, no matter how elaborate. This high-quality item is ideal for those who regularly host guests in their home.

Our wooden Lazy Susan turntable is a stylish nod that conveys the love and attention you pour into your cooking and your guests’ experience. Outside of mealtimes, the turntable can be used as a centrepiece to display your fruit bowl or any other nibbles that your family enjoy.  Our Lazy Susan is just one of  a wider assortment of artisanal woodwork items designed to uplift your home and kitchen. 


Details and Specifications:

  • Granadillo, Jobillo or Teak wood sourced from the Petén jungle
  • Handwash with mild soap, dry promptly 
  • Dimensions: 15”dia x 1.5”h (38 x 4 cm)
  • Food safe
  • Sustainably harvested wood
  • Handmade in Peten, Guatemala

Each unique piece is crafted from exotic wood that is sustainably sourced from the tropical forests of Guatemala. We use a variety of timbers, all of which have been chosen for their stunning aesthetics and durability. These include Granadillo, Jobillo and Teak. To read more about how we protect the environment throughout our processes, please click here.

Each Itza Wood creation is hand-crafted and hand-finished by the skilled hands of Guatemalan artisans with many years of experience. When you buy from Itza Wood, you support the work and financial well-being of these skilled woodworkers. 

Our talented network of artisans is situated in the Petén region of Guatemala. Itza Wood continually contributes  to the local economy and job growth, and we also facilitate educational opportunities for the local communities. Find out more about our activities by visiting the About Us page here.