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Itza Wood

Wooden Wave Bowl - Fruit & Salad Bowl

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This lightweight fruit and salad bowl is made from hand-crafted Mahogany wood, sustainably sourced from the Petén Jungle in Guatemala. The subtle curves of this fruit bowl make for an eye-catching kitchen accessory, perfect for storing fruit, serving out salad, or keeping small household items.

The wave bowl brings together warm brown hues to create a trompe l'oeil effect - akin to the shape and motion of ocean waves. Each of our wave bowls are completely unique, bringing a very special touch of luminosity to your daily kitchen experiences.

At Itza Wood, we believe in making every experience count. Whether you're sitting down for a quiet tea break or preparing a feast, why not add a set of beautifully crafted wooden items to your kitchen entourage?

Details and specifications: 

  • Sustainably harvested wood
  • Mahogany wood
  • Handmade in Peten, Guatemala

Itza Wood’s kitchen items are each hand-crafted and finished by Guatemalan artisans. We fund various social initiatives in the Petén region of Guatemala, helping to boost economic growth and provide a better future for local families and artisans.

Find out more about our social initiatives, reforestation projects in Guatemala, and the local Jungle school we help to support.

Read more about our wood working process and learn how our local carpenters hand-finish Central America’s finest exotic woods, creating our products and collections.