Wooden Tissue Box Holder
Wooden Tissue Box Holder
Wooden Tissue Box Holder
Wooden Tissue Box Holder
Wooden Tissue Box Holder

Itza Wood

Wooden Tissue Box Holder

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A finely crafted wooden tissue box holder makes a thoughtful addition to any bathroom or hallway. Pair with our wooden cotton holder and soap dish, for a luxurious and intimate bathroom aesthetic.

This wooden tissue box makes a great purchase for those who appreciate design, high-quality materials, and small, tasteful touches. 

Keep your tissues in this elegant, handcrafted wooden tissue box - both stylish and unassuming - and compliment your interior design choices without disrupting the overall look and feel of your living spaces.  

This wooden tissue box is available in Ziricote, Teak, Granadillo, or Jobillo wood.

  • Teak wood - Teak wood is famous for its quality and endurance, lasting as long as 75 years.
  • Granadillo wood - Granadillo is recognized for its signature reddish-brown hues and unique stripes. Make your modest accessories stand out by choosing this unusual and exotic wood!
  • Jobillo wood - Jobillo is also known as ‘Tigerwood’, for its highly unusual grain. It is a durable, exotic wood with deep-red and orange stripes - perfect for adding warmth and zest to your bathroom.
  • Ziricote wood - This exotic wood can be found in Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico, with warm brown colors and a deep, complex texture.

Details and specifications: 

  • Ziricote / Jobillo / Granadillo / Teak wood sourced from the Petén jungle
  • Dimensions: 6”sq x 5.75”h
  • Sustainably harvested wood Handmade in Peten, Guatemala

Itza Wood bathroom items are meticulously hand-crafted by artisans from Petén, Guatemala, where we fund a variety of social initiatives, to help drive the local economy and build a better future for local artisans and their families.

Find out more about our involvement in local initiatives, reforestation projects, and the local Jungle school which we help to support in Petén, in our ‘About us’ page. 

Hear about our wood manufacturing and design process, and see how our local Guatemalan artisans handwork and design Central America’s finest woods to create our products.